Theatrical performance

If you consider that politics is the mind of the nation, economy is its body, then its soul, the soul of the nation, lies in art. Just like centuries ago, the Ukrainian soul remained - sincere, faithful, full of love and faith. "OBRAZ" is not an academic theater, it is a new theater of public vision. Our team aims to reflect the manifestations of society in the hot moments of ego development. The author's and actor's team is represented by the bearers of public opinion from different parts of Ukraine, including representatives of active public organizations, volunteers, and participants in the ATO. The "REUKRNATSIYA" project was founded in the summer of 2013 under the name "She's not dead yet! Ukraine", reflects the views and moods of the Ukrainian nation before, during and after the Revolution of Dignity. The performance "REUKRNATSIYA" aims to pave the way to the hearts of Ukrainians, ignite the fire of faith in those of us who have lost hope for a bright future of our state, inspire and support those who continue to hope and act. With this project, we call on Ukrainians and people who are not indifferent to Ukraine to feel themselves part of a great culture and join their efforts in the fight for a better future for the Ukrainian nation. We believe that every step, even a small one, is extremely important, and therefore all funds collected from the performance will be transferred to the needs of children - displaced children, orphans and children of ATO participants. Every day we realize that the Ukrainian society has finally changed and thanks to this we will finally complete the "reboot" of the Nation - REUKRANATION. are you ready The performance is in Ukrainian and Russian. For news about the date of the next performance and the possibility to buy tickets, follow the website and our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Авторський проєкт театру

Тривалість - 90 хв. без антракту

Режисер-постановник Ольга МІХНЕВИЧ

вул. Бульварно-Кудрявська 49/13