Purely English comedy

Laurence Olivier Comedy of the Year Award Winner - Do Not Disturb! (Eng. Out of Order) - a world hit from the sparkling English master of farce Ray Cooney, who has been on the stage all over the world for 25 years! Five-star hotel. A married deputy, a young mistress ... and a knock on the door. Represented? A little ordinary. And if so: a deputy, a mistress and ... a corpse! And now there's a knock on the door! And then another, and another! For an hour and a half, you will literally be stuck in a room in the luxurious Westminster Hotel, along with the most inventive MP in England. And then it will begin! Caught with a half-dressed secretary on the couch and the corpse of a journalist in the window? Let's say: it's unpleasant ... And if the door is knocked out by her crazy rocker husband? Now that's sad! Well, what if, against the background of this, your jealous wife comes with a surprise? Everyone, let's jump from Big Ben? But no! Mr. Richard Willey will find excuses for all the people, events, and objects that happen to be in his room at such an inopportune hour when he himself should actually be in Parliament. No wonder he is an assistant to the prime minister himself! True, we do not guarantee that not only he himself, his poor secretary, all the hotel staff and his beloved wife will get confused in his lies, but first of all, you, dear viewer! For events will develop quickly, and the laughter of the neighbor on the left and the tears flooding your eyes will definitely interfere with the detailed perception of this universal farce on the scale of a hotel room. Therefore, we recommend visiting twice. Otherwise, don't forget to check in to room 34 of the Westminster Hotel, order champagne and oysters, and be sure to hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door! The performance is in Russian. For news about the date of the next performance and the opportunity to purchase tickets, follow the website and our pages on facebook and instagram.

Do not disturb!

за п'єсою Рея Куні "OUT OF ORDER"

Тривалість - 150 хв. з антрактом

Режисер-постановник Ольга МІХНЕВИЧ

вул. Бульварно-Кудрявська, 49/13