Philosophical comedy

7th floor of the house, parapet. You've almost made up your mind. You just have to take one step forward and...! A window opens nearby. Oops, it looks like you're preventing them from getting together with your presence. Well, sorry. And in the window of the window, someone is trying to sleep, but your apologies are very loud! Seven windows - seven very different phenomena, and each will make you think - or maybe, well, he ... And who will give you? There is absolutely no time for this, because there are so many problems! The performance is in Ukrainian. For news about upcoming dates and opportunities to purchase tickets on the website and on our facebook and instagram pages.

7 stories

за п'єсою Моріса Панича

Тривалість - 90 хвилин без антракту

Режисер-постановник Ольга МІХНЕВИЧ

вул. Бульварно-Кудрявська, 49/13