In 2008, the actress and director, Olga Mikhnevich, opened the theater school "OBRAZ" in the city of Kyiv. Over 13,000 students have passed through the walls of the OBRAZ Theater-School during its 14 years of existence. More than 60 of them entered the prestigious cultural universities of Ukraine, continuing their acting and directing careers.

In 2010, the "OBRAZ" Theater was founded, which regularly performed at the best theater venues in the capital and was a prize-winner of international theater festivals.

In 2018, the Theater changed its name to the DNK Theater - art in every molecule!

"We change our image, and the world around us also changes. Change with us, change yourself! It's in your DNA! (Olga Mikhnevich)

At the moment, the Theater has its own professional stage in the center of the capital with an audience hall for 70 seats.

Tell me that you are completely satisfied with reality, society and relationships with others? If so, then you are a lucky person, and I would love to meet you. If not, surely it would be good to think about how to move towards a better life?

The theater is a special space, free from many prejudices and limitations of everyday life. Any idea, any creativity is possible here. I want to make it as close to the majority of people as possible.

A famous sad joke: in real life, experience usually comes right after it was needed. It is not a matter of whether a policeman or a priest catches you at the moment of committing a sin. Every action has consequences, and you can treat both the action and the consequences differently. Only you make the choice yourself...

In the theater, the audience sees the results of any actions almost immediately. Almost any situation can be simulated here. At what point did the problem occur? What does this or that action lead to? An actor has no right to teach or advise: he is also looking for answers to his questions. On behalf of the hero (not always positive, but he strives to act as he thinks is right), he performs the most incredible deeds before your eyes, struggles, makes mistakes - and here it is up to the viewer to judge whether the development of events suits him.

Take YOUR seats!

The theater portrays the anxiety of a person who has not allowed himself something in life. The ability to accept new options appears. The viewer imperceptibly integrates the experience gained in the theater into his own real life. Manage yourself and better understand others; treat them carefully; adequately evaluate words and actions - all this is safely taught by a good theater. Because each person is the creator of his life situation.

A playful, creative attitude to any situation helps to live a full life, using all its possibilities. Bright, free, inspired!

This is what I wish for you too!"