Detective tragifarce

How well do you know your friends? Neighbours? Native? People with whom you have been living side by side for a long time? Do you completely trust them? Come on! One room. One corpse. Nine suspects. And a burning need to justify. In a word - all the conditions for the game "Mafia". But this time the situation is very real. And suspicion falls on close, nice and long-known people. Each has its own destiny, its own truth, its own pain. And somewhere there, in the depths, in the darkest corner of the soul - the grain of murder ... Which of them can be trusted? This evening the most popular modern game is combined with the skill of two great writers. Chekhov characters. Akunina's story. Life dictates the rules. No one will come out until the truth is revealed! Theater IMAGE. The city is waking up... The performance is in Russian. For news about the date of the next performance and the opportunity to purchase tickets, follow the website and our pages on facebook and instagram.

Seagull 2. Mafia

за п'єсою Бориса Акуніна "Чайка"

Тривалість - 160 мин. с антрактом

Режисер-постановник Ольга МІХНЕВИЧ

вул. Бульварно-Кудрявська 49/13