Black comedy

Quiet Spanish province, All Saints' Eve. Tired of coming, the family decides to poison their 92-year-old grandfather. Family ties work with pain: the niece has potassium cyanide, the daughter will make coffee, and the mother will serve it. And the neighbors do not mind, they have been waiting for the wake. But here's the trouble: at the most inopportune moment, a nephew comes, and even a juicy bride. Now it is not clear on whose side the sympathies of another family member will be. But time goes by and the coffee is already brewed... Winner in the nominations "Best ensemble cast" and "Best female role" in the theater field "Milk" (Odessa, 2011). The performance is in Russian. For news about upcoming dates and opportunities to purchase tickets on the website and on our facebook and instagram pages.

Potassium cyanide… with or without milk?

за п'єсою Хуана Хосе Алонсо Мільяна

Тривалість - 150 хв. з антрактом

Режисер-постановник Ольга МІХНЕВИЧ

вул. Бульварно-Кудрявська 49/13