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16 May 2018

"Edith Piaf. Confession"

За п'єсою Жана Кокто "Байдужий красень"

вул. Бульварно-Кудрявська 49/13

Тривалість - 60 хв. без антракту

Director-producer Ольга МІХНЕВИЧ

Премьера - 30 March, 2012

In her songs, she sings about what the whole of France would like to say.

In Jean Cocteau’s play “Indifferent Handsome” she has to say what every woman would like to say. There are two characters here, but one of them doesn’t say a word. We won’t even see him, but by the way, to imagine him is a simple matter.

The great Edith Piaf is an ordinary woman living with a man who no longer loves her. She lives in anticipation. Tonight she still expects him. He enters, puts on a bathrobe, gets into bed, lights a cigarette and unfolds a newspaper. He is silent. And she – speaks, speaks! She goes from anger to begging, from tenderness to threats.

“I love you. Of course I love you, and that’s your strength.”

The performance is in Russian.



“Have you ever apologized for loving?”

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